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The Hard Drive category now includes both traditional storage hard drives and the new SSDs (Solid State Drives).

Important factors to consider when deciding on a storage drive are the storage capacity (ex. 500GB), the rotational speed (ex. 15K rpm) or technology (hard drive versus SSD, and the interface (SATA or SAS)).

Performance and Reliability Positioning Drive Type Description
Best SSD SATA Solid State Drives have no moving parts so their data access times can be up to 100X faster than hard drives. This is the primary reason that SSDs are nearly always faster than hard drives. Other features of SSDs are very low power consumption, silent drive operation, and superior shock and vibration resistance. For a given capacity SSDs cost noticeably more than hard drives.
Higher 15K rpm SAS SAS (Serial Attach SCSI) is a high performance architecture designed for high performance servers. 15K rpm SAS drives spin faster than 10k drives and are available with 6Gb/s (Gigabit/sec) transfer rates* offering even more performance than 10K rpm drives. SAS drives require an available SAS storage controller. Note: 15K rpm drives may be audibly noticeable.
Better 10K rpm SATA 10K rpm drives are well known for their better performance.
Very Good 7200 rpm SATA 7200 rpm drives offer very good performance and the highest available capacities.

* Actual data transfer performance will be less than the interface rate.


Adding a 2nd drive dedicated to storing data generally improves performance. Also try to buy a workstation that has room for additional hard drives so you can upgrade later.

Purchase large capacity storage drives - Inevitably the amount of space you consider sufficient now will be inadequate in a year.

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