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Content starts here Workstations provide computing power and functionality you won't find in even the best desktop system. Before you commit your budget to a new workstation, let us help you choose the right components to make your system optimal.


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» Operating System

Generally higher clock speeds (within a given processor architecture) enable better CAD performance. More cores, cache size and memory channels can be especially valuable for mega-tasking (many applications open), for analysis, and for rendering applications.

ECC memory is a de facto standard in the server realm where reliability and data integrity is critical. ECC memory detects and corrects the most common type of memory error on the fly. In workstations this reduces system hangs, blue screens, and data corruption potential. A modest investment in ECC memory will pay dividends over time.

Processor Positioning Maximum # of cores/ Maximum # Threads # Memory Channels Maximum Cache / Turbo Boost ECC Memory Reliability Support HP Workstation Platform Support

Xeon 5xxx Sequence Intel inside.  Xeon

Advanced/Ultimate Performance

Dual processors enable more cores to work for you. Best for higher end mega-tasking and higher end analysis and rendering

Single processor up to 6 / 12, Dual processors up to 12 / 24 3 per processor, 6 with dual processors 12 MB per processor / Yes Yes Z600, Z800

Xeon 35xx and 35xx Sequence
Intel inside.  Xeon

Mainstream Performance

More memory channels enable better performance on more memory intensive applications or for more mega-tasking, analysis and rendering performance

6 / 12 3 12 MB / Yes Yes Z400

Next Generation Xeon E3
Intel inside.  Xeon

Entry Workstation

A step up from the Core i7 in both performance and features.  Very good for CAD, analysis and rendering

4 / 8 2 8 MB / Yes Yes Z210

2nd Generation Core i7
Intel inside.  Xeon

Entry Workstation

Excellent multi-tasking performance

4 / 8 2 8 MB / Yes No Z210

2nd Generation Core i5
Intel inside.  Xeon

Entry Workstation

Excellent mid-range design performance where multi-tasking is becoming important

Up to 4 / 4 2 6 MB / Yes No Z210

2nd Generation Core i3
Intel inside.  Xeon

Entry Workstation

Good for workflows with a minimum of multi-tasking

2 / 4 2 3 MB / No Yes Z210

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